Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Quarter 3 in a Nutshell

Kendamas are all the rage… 

Getting ready for my formal evaluation with artifacts.

Valentine's day! 
Check out that box!

Our winning marshmallow tower. 

I was part of Pawsitiviely Teaching's valentine exchange. It was so much fun getting valentines in the mail! I combined them with Digital: Divide and Conquer's LOVE posters. 

I let the kids correct their vocabulary tests with my special Flair pens. They thought that was a treat!

We had a science and art night at school. My older girl loved it!

I checked out Prodigy for math. 
My kids are HOOKED! 
They practice skills that I assign (or based on their intro placement test).
What they love the most is that they can battle each other! 
Some of the most "whatever" students actually put forth some effort to learn how to do certain problems because they got tired of losing battles. :)

Maybe fourth quarter will be better for blogging. :)