Friday, July 15, 2016

Working on Me

Welcome to my revamped blog! :) I decided to combine two major parts of my life into one place in hopes to be able to keep up a little better. First, I'm sure you noticed that this is not just a teaching blog anymore. I will definitely still post about my classroom, but with it being summer, my focus is elsewhere.

Here is my story from Facebook:

"Soon after Lynnix, my 2nd girl, joined our family, I was not feeling like I bounced back to my old self. Things were just harder, physically and mentally. I had the baby blues and didn't like it. I was contacted by my cousin and joined one of her free fitness groups. Little did I know, the accountability of that group would give me a little more purpose to my day. As the months went on, I know that I needed to do something more for me.

In April, I decided to bite the bullet and join a Challenge group. I picked Chocolate Shakeology and 22 Minute Hard Corps fitness program by Tony Horton. The reason 100% being it was short. My goal was never to lose weight. My goal was, and still is, to feel healthy and feel happy. Has my body changed? Yes, but that is a happy byproduct of hard work and consistency.
Not only has this decision to work on ME made me feel more content with my own self, it has had an effect on my family. We are talking about healthy choices and steps we can take to become a better version of us.
Because of this, I have decided that I want to be able to help others realize that even baby steps can lead you in the right direction and toward your goals, whatever they may be. I am now a Beachbody Coach and would love to connect with YOU on a more personal basis. I am not the poster child of perfect nutrition and health. However, if I can do it, you can do it!
Each month I will host 1-2 FREE health and fitness related groups and 1 Challenge group. Please consider joining me for baby steps to a healthy future! If now is not your time, it’s ok! It took me awhile too. 
Thank you to everyone who has supported me through the years. You are part of the reason why I am where I am today. Now let me help and support you!"

Since this decision, I have continued to make healthier decisions and I have seen others taking their own baby steps. My older daughter loves to work out and she knows that I value that time. 
People keep telling me, "I didn't think you needed to lose weight." I am fortunate enough to still have a fast metabolism, but that's not always going to be around. Also, I just want to feel good. Skinny does not mean fit.

We are all in different places, but we all want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be. Thanks for being on this journey with me!