Friday, August 29, 2014

Five for Friday: Back in the Groove

I've been MIA for the past couple of weeks. I have been busy figuring out some unexpected things for school and then trying to relax at home with my family. Key word: trying 
My husband is super sweet and I am lucky that he tolerates my incapacity to just leave things alone. I am hoping that by Mid-September that I will have the majority of my kinks worked out. 

Now for...

My husband finally came home from his {10 day turned 2 1/2 week) work assignment right in the middle of back to school. I will admit, I was a little overwhelmed during that time.
He is definitely my rock.


We had a beautiful double (full) rainbow and a view of Pioneer Peak. 
We were in the car so this picture really doesn't do it justice.

We meal planned and I had leftovers for a lunches for a couple of days. Yay!

Both were yummy and not difficult to make. 
This is my first go to website for fairly simple recipes.

I found a solution to the passing out/collecting materials!
Future post to come.
As well as how I am going to run my intervention reading class, social studies for each homeroom, and my *hopefully-still in the planning phase* somewhat flipped math class! 

We have an "Opening Day PD" for the ENTIRE district (we span at least 2 hours driving from one side the the other) the Friday before Labor Day every year. I think part of it is because the Alaska State Fair starts after we go back to school, so they give families a day to go without missing school. We teachers meet and have kind of a "State of the District" address, a keynote speaker or two, some pretty yummy food from our nutrition services and get out early.

Our district is beginning "Capturing Kids Hearts" from the Flip Flippen group. 
They also made a "Happy" video, I didn't get the part that our kids were in but if I am able to post it, I will.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday: Love, Tip & Laugh

This going to be short and sweet because I still have lots to do even though it's Friday!


My little (not really a baby anymore) girl splashing and watching airplanes.

From my hubby and his help. He is out of town and his work assignment has been extended a week.
Love him.


Do you wear a belt to actually hold your pants up and
not just for looks? I have to.
I always hate when I have a loose end flapping. Enter a simple idea.
A clear hair elastic.
Mind blown.
As time has gone on, it has turned black from the belt but that camouflages it even more.
You're welcome. :)

I posted my classroom tour! Click {here} to check it out.


Saw this at a school in my district… couldn't help but take a picture.
An expensive doorstop don't you think?
It made me think about those meme things. 

p.s. it didn't look like it was in working condition anyways.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Classroom Tour 2014

I am finished! 
Ok not really. 
It looks good, but I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of how things are going to run in my new classroom. We had our open house picnic on Tuesday with the class list reveal and today was the first day with students. Luckily, we don't start switching for our leveled reading and math classes until Monday. I have a general idea of how I want things go, but we'll see. This is a new grade, a new math program, a new way I am using our reading program and waiting on IT to get through some work orders. A lot of things are bound to change.

Without further ado…

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

Just inside the door, along the back wall. 
The cubbies are where my students will keep their binder/homework folder, notebooks, and other personal supplies until they are sent into their other classes.

From the other back corner
I have boxes out for some supplies if students brought them to the open house.

My teacher corner
I went to a kidney table this year and a small side table. I'm excited about not having a black hole to just drop things in. 

View from my corner
My hubby made me the pine shelf and I love it! 
File crates fit perfectly and so do the three drawer organizers. 
I'm still decided what to do with the black paper trays and colored tubs. 
Last year I used them for turn in bins and each class had a designated color. I think I will do the same again this year and then when I need to go through them, set the tub on my black filing cabinets so I know that I need to take care of that tub. We'll see if I'm able to keep up on them better than last year. 

My calendar
Where I am going to try out Jivey's Mentor Sentences with my intervention reading class.

*p.s.* I had asked for some ideas on how to cover the bottom of the chalkboard where there used to be a shelf. I ended up using just a regular border. Corkboard went right up to the edge of the chalkboard so I stapled it and it worked out perfectly!

My library
Homework page to fill out for students to copy into their planner
My fun US map rug I scored at Costco
I have the reading intervention class so I went through and separated out series that are close to their reading levels. I also put out some picture books because I will have students with 1st-2nd grade reading levels. We'll see how it works. 
I am super excited about having it actually organized and labeled. :)

My attendance check in. 
I feel like I need something above it because the fabric is really busy but haven't figured out what I want there.

Students choose a red or blue stick and put it their pocket. This does two things, I know who is here and how many hot lunches to account for. 

*Note* One day in and that cup needs a different means of attachment. 
Right now its on a picture frame Command hook, but with students reaching in, it fell off. TWICE. 

My still work in progress texts and supply area.
Math folders
Go Math program student materials that need ripped out and organized
Empty tubs for possible reading workshop activities.
I have team tubs (which I now have to figure out where to put a 7th tub)
Go Math manipulative storage

My students store their backpacks in their desk because my closet is tiny. 
We have to keep it open for snow gear. It's not fun when a kid's back pack is soaked because of wet gear.
I also use the chair covers so students have a place to put things out of the way during reading and math since we switch for leveling.

My coat closet
I'm going to be keep extra markers, colored pencils and things like that in the tubs.

My welcome message during Open House.

The best addition to my classroom was today.
My husband has been on another out of town work assignment. He left last Monday and was suppose to come home today but it got extended another week. I feel for those single parents who work. I have been stressed and exhausted. If it wasn't for good friends, I don't know what I would have done. 
Today I received a delivery. 
A beautiful wrap of flowers from my husband! (with a little help)
I got a vase during a break and it just made my day to look at these and know that he remembered me on this day. It was perfect. I love him! 
Sorry if too mushy for you, but I do! :) 

Hope you enjoyed "visiting" my room!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Saturday Snapshots: Around my House

I'm technically back at school now (as of Thursday) but I'm still going to post some end of summer pictures plus a little throwback. I'll have my classroom tour ready to go in a couple of days. I'm pretty excited about it. I still have some things to decide but I'm liking the overall feel right now.

Here's some photos from around my home.
They say that when it is all blossomed out of the top then it's 6 weeks till snow.

(A student gift that is amazingly still alive! I usually unintentionally kill plants.)

In honor of my husband's grandmother. She would always put the dandelions they brought her in a little dixie cup on the table.

 Love this piggy! It was on our sign in table at our wedding reception.

Happy 6th Anniversary to us!

CHeck out more great photos.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Made It: Spray Paint

I didn't really make anything this week but I did spray paint a couple of things. :)

I didn't want white team tubs because my walls are white, so I decided to try my hand at spray painting them. I also got this cubby from a friend who is moving. It's not big enough for my students at school since I will definitely have more than 16 kiddos but it was perfect for home. 

I tend to be a messy painter, not matter how hard I try, so I put on my painting clothes (yes, I have a nice paint spot on the backside of these bottoms.)

It did not take long at all! It also only took one can to do my three tubs and 3/4 of my cubby. If I didn't want to the back done I could have said "Finished!" Since I don't know if I will always use it in the same space, I wanted to make sure I covered the back and as far into the cubbies as I could. 

It looks great in my entry way closet! I'm hoping this will help keep our shoes out of the way and easy find. (Notice, my husband only has one cubby for his Sunday shoes. He usually takes his off in the garage.)

I go back to school officially this week. Eekk! I'm not ready at all. Oh well, it's going to come ready or not. :)

Thanks for stopping by!