Monday, August 15, 2016

Classroom 2016-17

Well the new has begun! 
Here's a walk through of what I remembered to take pictures of. :) 

This is my Monday Made It...because putting together a classroom is a lot of work! I moved rooms this year so I got to start from scratch.

I decided that I really want to push chapter book reading to my kids. My school does AR, but I'm not a huge fan of it. I'll encourage them to take tests but I really just want kids who love to read! I'm also going to be the 5th grade Battle of the Books coach this year! Super excited about it!
Here's the beginning of my classroom library...

Welcome back breakfast and presents for our classrooms! It's so quick and quite! We'll see how long it lasts. Ha ha.

I got my little fridge with a healthy lunch! I have a goal of actually eating (I sometimes forget/run out of time) and not always eating the best. 

We had our back to school picnic on Thursday, 2 days before kids came back. 
My room *looked* fairly put together and I had their flipbooks ready to take home. I wrote their names on it so I could tell who came and who didn't. I'm good at names and remembering, but that's a lot to ask for a busy night! 

Thanks to Chalk & Apples for her easy to edit flip book!

My lunch count/attendance this year! I'm trying out magnets on the side of my big filing cabinet. We didn't actually do it today, so we'll so how it goes tomorrow on the 2nd day!
I love how it's a great way to keep wall space the cabinet would usually eat up.

I used washi tape, a label makers, and adhesive magnetic strips.

My finished reading area! Famous First Lines by Literacy for Big Kids are posted and make me super happy! I also have some of the Battle books up for kids to look at. 
My books are organized by author's last name. I was thinking about using Lessons with Laughter's rainbow labels because I've been eyeing them forever but haven't yet...partly because I really like my black/teal/purple room and am being vain about the colors matching and the amount of ink I would need....lame? Maybe. I think I may at least label them with the letter of where they go. I can use school ink for that. :) 

My super simple simple and "eye catching" bulletin board with my homeroom kids' names. 
I didn't mean to but a lot of people said it looked like an eye exam board. I liked the ease of it. My board is already white and I used the school's die cutter to make the letters. Add in silver sharpie and viola... it's done. It also allowed me to help our new team member with her board and getting ready for open house.

Woo hoo! Our new 5th grade team of multitasking ninjas! 
I got the shirts from 

We are using Brag Tags as a grade level this year.
So far they have their Back to School night and their First Day of 5th Grade tags. They were pretty excited to put them on their rings! 

This also shows a few of my drawers I used. 
I have my late work turn in spot. The drawers I'm going to use for the graded work I need to pass back. There is also a place for plain, lined, and graph paper in one. The unlabeled white drawers are going to hold coloring pages and other early finisher, relaxer activities or brain teasers.

The best look I have of my room so far...this morning before the chaos of a new year.  I had to fit 34 seats for my math class in my room. 6 tables are short and wide, 2 are just short, and 4 desks. Its cramped but we're going to have fun and find ways to move around!

I'm looking forward to a great year! 
I hope you have a fabulous one!

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