Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Products= Simplified Classroom

I decided that the best way to get going on this is to blog about different products I've used through out the year. I don't have pictures of everything but I will try to post a link to the source.

These cards have been a lot of fun for the kids. I had created my own partner cards by just taking different clipart and cutting the picture in half. I still use that set sometimes, but I really like this set because the kids have to think about what goes with their picture. If they have socks, they should be looking for someone that had shoes. It's a great way to get the kids moving and create partnerships without much fuss.

I hate pencils! I'm just going to put it out there. The sharpener is always broken or not working right. If it is working, it is really loud. The kids are always losing their pencil. Bleh. I was over it. I saw this and wondered if it would really work. I talked to my team teachers and we decided to try to implement this system. We made some tweaks to fit us but it has definitely made my life a little simpler. There are still those students who loose their pencil bags but overall, kids usually have at least 1 pencil to use each day. As for the rewards for, I made it a random thing. Some weeks the kids who had everything they needed in their bag (3 pencils, a big eraser, and a red correcting tool) didn't get anything. Other weeks they got some kind of treat.

This pencil sharpener has been an angel in my classroom! Doing the pencil management system made me have to deal with the pencil sharpener more often than I liked. Also, we use community supplies. That means that we use whatever supplies our students bring in at the beginning of the year. That means that we usually get more of the cheaper, yucky pencils than the nice Ticonderoga pencils. This Bulldog sharpener will sharpen anything!! All those yucky pencils, no problem. One of my team teachers tried it out, I then got one, followed by the other team teacher. Now our school secretary may be purchasing at least one for every classroom. I don't let my kids use it, but I may purchase another one so that they can sharpen their own at appropriate times. My team got ours at Fred Meyers for about $13 each.

My 4th graders still have a hard time with analog clocks and telling the time. These fun labels help with knowing the time and the word phrases associated with benchmark times. 

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