Saturday, November 1, 2014

Currently November

Finally…October is OVER! Not necessarily my favorite month. I enjoy Halloween but it gets kind of crazy at school. Also, the 1st quarter ends, grades are due, and we have Parent Teacher Conferences. It's kind of a lot to be prepared for. We also seem to have the possibility of snow looming over us almost the entire month. It becomes pretty tiresome.

Luckily, it is now November! I'm ok if we have snow this month, and we should have a fairly routine month at school. Routine = Sanity  :)

Silence: We put our baby girl down to bed and she asked Daddy to lay with her. He said for a minute. I'm pretty sure that they are both asleep by now. :) 

Loving: We spent the better part of our Halloween night at the fire station. My daughter just loved being around all of the awesome people there. They had out their fire safety training door and she made sure that all the kids (and even some adults) that visited went through it. 

Thinking: I love the holiday season! Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually a pretty happy time. Living so far from family can make it a little bit difficult. This year will be even more different as our "adopted" Alaskan family moved back to America, I mean the Lower 48. I'm going to look and see what things we can do as just our little family and maybe start some new traditions.

Wanting: Lately, the hubby and I haven't had much time for just us. He mentioned working on us having a "date night" and I think that I may remind him that we know of a great babysitter :)

Needing: Between everything that we do, work, school and homework, my house is in desperate need of a clean up! I'm thinking I may stay home one day and just clean away.  I feel as if I'm always behind on laundry. It is my nemesis, as are the dishes. Bah to them! If it wasn't so bad for the environment, I would totally use paper & plastic dishes all the time.

Reading: I'm part of a book club with some friends and I'm a little apprehensive about our book this month. Stiff by Mary Roach is a book about cadavers. I don't do well with death or dead bodies. I have my personal religious beliefs about death so it's not the "what happens to our spirits" that I'm not ok with. It's with the actual body that left behind. A couple of the people who have read the book so far have said that overall it's pretty interesting. I'm on the waiting list to get it so we'll see. 
Sorry if that was too much for you…

Hope that you are off to a fabulous start of the new month!!

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  1. WOW. You're the first blogger I've ever met from Alaska. So fun!
    That's why I love Currently--You always meet someone new!
    I agree with you completely about school stuff taking all my time in November. Your house sounds like mine. And laundry is on my To Do list for tomorrow!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. I love your blog design. I downloaded a very similar editable design for my classroom labels this year. I would be like you, very apprehensive about such a book. I don't know if I would attempt it, so kudos to you for giving it a shot! Good luck with the date night and cleaning. My house needs a thorough cleaning too! Preferably before the kids come home for Thanksgiving!

  3. Wouldn't a LIVE-IN MAID be an absolutely HEAVENLY?!?!?!? Can you believe how quickly the holidays are creeping up? They'll be here before we know it. As hectic and {kind of} scary as that least we know we have some time off with our families! Enjoy your week!
    -Lindsey Petlak
    It's Elementary, My Dear!