Monday, December 8, 2014

Squiggle Lines

What do you do when your co-teacher is caught up in a meeting and can't take her half of the kids? 
You pull out some task cards that are waiting to be laminated, 
have the kids draw pictures 
and compose a story to go with that picture using the basis of your reading programs.

(Honestly, I can't remember who I got the task cards from. It was a freebie sometime this last summer and I can't even find it in my mass of products that I own, so if you know whose they are please let me know!)

Our reading program that the SPED teacher and I both teach, though different levels, have the students work on writing sentences and paragraphs that report on pictures. After students created a picture based off their squiggle line, they had to create a story using the Before, During and After structure.

Here are some of the pictures they create. I outlined most of the shapes in black but I missed a couple. See if you can find the shape. 

I probably shouldn't have a favorite, but this one is definitely it!

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