Friday, August 15, 2014

Five for Friday: Love, Tip & Laugh

This going to be short and sweet because I still have lots to do even though it's Friday!


My little (not really a baby anymore) girl splashing and watching airplanes.

From my hubby and his help. He is out of town and his work assignment has been extended a week.
Love him.


Do you wear a belt to actually hold your pants up and
not just for looks? I have to.
I always hate when I have a loose end flapping. Enter a simple idea.
A clear hair elastic.
Mind blown.
As time has gone on, it has turned black from the belt but that camouflages it even more.
You're welcome. :)

I posted my classroom tour! Click {here} to check it out.


Saw this at a school in my district… couldn't help but take a picture.
An expensive doorstop don't you think?
It made me think about those meme things. 

p.s. it didn't look like it was in working condition anyways.

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  1. Look at those beautiful flowers!!! Sweet! I'm mind blown over the belt thing. I never have any extra left over, but if I ever do...I'm so doing this. I would love to have that expensive doorstop!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'