Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday: A call for Ideas!

It's been  busy week in my world…but I think every week ends up being busy.

 A call for help/ideas! 
My district is doing an "Innovative Classroom" grant. My principal really wants me to apply for it. I am trying a Modified Flipped classroom using the iPads that we already have. If you had $25,000 do bring some innovation into your classroom what would you buy? 
Dream big! 

I thought these were cool, put them under the desk and it gives those antsy kids some movement!

I used The Primary Gal's comparing decimals for a quick game of "Pass."
I totally made up that name…we couldn't Scoot because I have a kid on crutches but it totally worked! I set the time on my Promethean for 28 secs and on repeat. They answered they problem, turned it over, passed when the timer went off, repeat. It was gold! This class sometimes gives me a run for my money but all of the kiddos were engaged! Loved it! 

My baby girl found some Sharpies and chocolate. 
Fun times! 

This is a happy/sad one. Our "adoptive" Alaskan parents moved back to America (aka the Lower 48) on Monday. 
We spent the entire weekend helping them pack and clean. 
Kasila had the joy of empty cupboards to play in. 

We had our first snow on Oct 4th! Luckily, it didn't stay more longer than a few hours. I'm glad that it happened on a Saturday and we have gotten it out of our system. Now we can get back to being used to having snow occasionally. :)

Thanks for stopping by!
Please leave a comment on what you add to your innovative classroom if you had the opportunity!!

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