Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: {7.16}

I've been pretty quiet as I am still hanging out in Eastern Oregon with my family. Today is a super chill day ending with a family fish feed with salmon and halibut I brought down from Alaska. Normally my hubby is the cook but I guess I get the honors this time around since he's off on a boat somewhere around the Alaska Peninsula. I have had fun shopping at a bunch of stores that is not in AK. :)

It's pretty warm here (102 degrees to my normal mid-70s) so I was looking for shirts I could wear now and for teaching. I'm a pretty casual dresser. I don't really like slacks so I also looked for pants that weren't jeans but still comfy and cute. Here are a couple of my scores:

Shirt: PerSeption Concept from Gordmans.  {OOPS... I went shopping to so many stores, I messed up. This is actually from Ross.} This shirt is super comfy jersey that is light enough to wear to in the heat and nice enough to wear to school. ($10)
Skinny Pants: Rue 21 I'm new to the skinny pants scene, but I really liked these pants. They aren't perfect but I love the color and their price. They were on sale or clearance or something because I got three pairs in different colors and each had their own price. $5, $3, and $2. Who could pass that up!? 

Another shirt from Gordmans  Ross (American Dream brand) that is lovely for the heat and cute enough for the classroom. ($6)
The shorts I think I bought last summer down here and that was the last time I wore them too. I don't wear shorts, like ever, back home. It's either too cold or too many mosquitoes. 

I'll be posting a couple of the things I got from Gordmans. It's still an awesome store. :)

On other note, I did find out that the shift of classrooms at my school has started. That means that I can go kind of start setting up my room when I get back home. Yay! I'm pretty excited. I'm planning on taking a lot of my piggies and finally putting them in my room. It's going to be a good time! 



  1. I especially love that chevron shirt!! ;-)

  2. You look so cute in all your outfits! I can't get over the prices. I need to look this Gordman's place up!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'