Monday, April 6, 2015

Anchor's Away- Point of View

Now I feel a little silly and embarrassed to admit this, but this is the first anchor chart I've done this year. I blame it partly on me having to embrace and do three different scripted reading programs during my reading class (we level and split the whole grade up). I was pushing it to get all three done in the time period, let along do anything extra. 

Well, we finished one level of one of the programs and I decided to do some review before our big state tests next week. One of the topics was Point of View. I found this great freebie from Buzzing With Mrs. B and it came with an anchor chart idea and a practice packet. It came out great!

After we created the chart and talked about it, we practiced identifying what was what using the practice packet. It is the same story written three different ways. We highlighted the words that were clues to us and then identified what point of view it was written from.

This ended up being a great lesson. My kids even made connections to stories that we've read together!
Next, we are going to write our own paragraphs based on this photo...

The kids will get to choose what point of view they will take.
1st person or 3rd person (limited or omniscient)
Bear or Fish

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  1. Three scripted lessons per day?!?!? Oh my!!

    I love the anchor chart! That photograph with the bear and the fish is so cool! I bet your students will really enjoy this writing activity! Thanks for linking up!