Thursday, April 9, 2015

Technology Thursday: Reflector Tip

I have been trying hard the last little while to really integrate our iPads into everyday instruction. 
I started out using Reflector for going over homework and examples since my document camera hasn't been working since who knows when. Today, I think I made a breakthrough!

We have been reviewing everything the last week as we have our state tests next week. I've said this before, but my math class is truly one that makes or breaks a day. They can be a rough group!
As students were working on their warm up, I walked around and checked their homework. I highlighted one question from their homework (that I know they had correct and showed their work) and made a mark on my answer key with pencil. Now, a few students didn't get highlights because they didn't show their work or I ran out of problems. That is something that I will need to work out as well as what students w/out homework do. This is an activity that takes a little longer than the normal amount we take to go over homework. 

Students were to open a white board app (we have 2-3 they choose from to use) and show their work and answer to the problem I highlighted on their homework.

I then walked through the steps with the class of how to show their iPad on the board. 

1. Make sure you (the teacher) has Reflector turned on on your desktop.

2. Students swipe up so the grey bar with comes up and touch "Airplay." If your Reflector is turned on, your computer/room name should appear. I changed mine so that it says my last name "Udy"

3. Have them touch your room name.

4. Give them the password if yours is locked. We do this so students from a different room won't accidentally project their iPad onto your board.


5. Students waited until I called their name to turn on "Mirroring." This made it so that one iPad was on the scree, it was larger enough to actually see, and we didn't have to wait for someone to go through all the steps to mirror for each problem. When they were done, they just flicked the "Mirroring" off and we moved on. 

6. When everyone is finished, have students choose "iPad" again instead of your room. Students learned that volume also is transmitted when one student had a math game open and we could hear the music from it. It was comically because a lot of students rushed to make sure it wasn't them. 

I love that he explained what he did and he actually reduced!

This girl is about to turn off "mirroring." Hers is the iPad in the bottom righthand corner.

This ended up being a really nice way to go over problems and to let them take ownership of their work. I think it may also motivate some students to always have their home and SHOW their work. It's not something I'll do every day, that would take away the novelty, but maybe once a week to keep them on their toes. 

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