Friday, April 17, 2015

Five for Friday 4.17

We used Socrative in math class as a review. My kids loved the Space Race! The girl up front is excited because she got a correct answer so her team moved forward. 

I was blown away when I learned that my kids did not know what guide words are and how to really use a dictionary. I did not think the alphabetizing some words would almost bring 5th graders to tear. Yes, that really happened. Crazy! 
 I pulled some words out of our class dictionary and wrote them on index cards. The kids then would take one card, find the word in the dictionary (no iPads in use this time!), write down the guide words and page number. We also threw in working with a thesaurus. They had to find the word and then write down at least one synonym. Most of the kids ate it up. They really enjoyed actually flipping the pages.

We're digging out a hill and using some of the sand to fill my daughter's sand box. She loves to help! The plan is for this area to eventually be turned into a gathering area with a fire pit

An example of what my math kid did one day after their morning of AMP testing (our state tests). 
They had to find the area and the perimeter of their name.


(Although we have our MAP tests coming up soon.)

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