Saturday, May 23, 2015

Five for Friday...a day late 5.23

School's Out!
Here's a look at our last week and a half.

1. My math class started Course 2 Coding from My district is implementing a coding/computer science scope and sequence for next year. I decided to give my kiddos a head start as the new implementation will start in elementary. They loved it, especially when they would finally beat/figure out a challenging level.

 2. We reviewed the how to use TumbleBooks so that students can continue to read over the summer. It is a great site if you haven't checked it out. 

 3. My math kiddos made "Fraction Flowers." They drew a fraction card and then had to write it as a decimal, percent, equivalent fraction, ratio, and an equivalent ratio. 

4. We had our 5th Grade Lock In. At midnight we held a talent show, and this sweetie busted out his break dance moves.

5. We played "4 Men On A Couch" as part of our last day of school. The kids ate it up! We played for almost 2 hours before even 1 student seemed to be done. It was amazing! I used to play with my cousins at family reunions.

How to play:
Students sit in a circle with one extra chair. The teams are formed just by sitting every other one (I used stickers so they could tell who was their team member) and you have 4 designated "couch" spots. Everyone's name goes into a bowl and then everyone draws for a new, secret name. The person to the left of the empty chair calls a name. Whoever drew that as their new name, moves to the empty chair. Play continues likewise. The point is to remember people's new name, and to get 4 people from your team into those designated spots.

*Bonus* 6. I had a 'high tea' with my friend and team member who is moving to Jackson, TN next week. As you can see, it was adorable! It was also super delicious! 

p.s. If you have any K-6 teaching contacts in that TN area, let me know and I'll pass it along! She's pretty amazing! :) 

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