Sunday, June 7, 2015

Monday Made It 2015 is here!

I realized that I am seriously behind on my digital scrapbooking. So I started working on our 2014 book again. Hopefully I can be *almost* caught up before baby girl #2 makes her appearance.

If you're interested in digital scrapbooks...check out my Heritage Makers site {here}.
I love their products and the quality of the books! 

After feeling guilty for not having dinner ready since school got out, I finally made dinner. Too bad my hubby ended up working super late that night. At least it was easy and delicious!

Here are the recipes:

#3 & #4
My daughter loves flowers! We decided to plant some of our own. She wanted orange flowers so marigolds it was (not my personal favorite but oh well).

We also got rid of a huge rhubarb plant which left a big hole. My hubby lovingly sifted all the big rocks (and believe me, that is a huge job!) so that I could plant some flowers. 

I tried transplanting some columbine and bought some delphinium and a peony. Hopefully they will all take and fill in my little space. K decided to move some of her marigolds into the bed as well.

Now I just need to get my lawn going, which is a difficult task here in AK unless you pay a lot of money to bring in a lot of top soil and lots of labor.

No school things this week but I'm sure I'll have some soon. :) 


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  1. Those recipes look yummy...putting them on my list of dishes to try! Marigolds aren't really my favorite either but how could you not plant what that sweet girl wanted!

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