Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Made It {Sandbox}

When I get an idea in my head, it's hard to not leave it alone. It's especially hard for me to let it be when I have to depend on someone else to accomplish the task. Luckily, I have a very easy going hubby. :) 

We are in the middle of a digging for a different yard project, one that is going to take a long time, when we hit a layer of coarse sand. Then we had to move that dirt & sand out of that area and onto our driveway to help level the back corner of it. (I'm hoping to eventually pave it, but that is a few years away.)  My daughter decided that that was the best place to play. 

Our driveway is longer and the dirt pile is quite aways from the road, but I still don't want her to get used to playing in the driveway. I got the great idea of using our excess sand in a sandbox for our little lady. It took a little convincing and repeatedly mentioning that she needs a sandbox, but we finally found a weekend that we could bust it out!

I looked a quite a few different designs online but we ended up making our own. I wanted a basic box with a bench that doubles as a storage area. This is where my hubby and I differ in our approach to projects. I am totally a list maker and write it down planner. He is a "I'll think it out in my head." (I mentioned this to him and he said that he does it that way so he can change it without having to tell me if he changes things.) I had a few frustrating moments but overall, I was just happy to have his help. I'm not super confident in my power tool skills, even though I could figure out it if I needed too.  

Baby K helping Daddy out. She was kind of nervous about the noise it made, so my hubby brought her over and had her actually pull the trigger a little bit. Such a sweet moment to see. :)

Here is our final project!  
It'll be a little while before we have enough sand dug up, but for now it will work as a dirt/rock box. :)


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