Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beginnings of 2015-16 *Five for Friday*

I have ventured into my room and began the setup process. I actually started a week or so ago, but only in furniture placement. I'm still figuring out what exactly I want since I got rid of old fixtures, acquired new, and moved existing. Today I started with some smaller things to try to get my brain to focus. I did a lot of brainstorming and note taking. It's easier to think about it when I'm actually in my room. 

I started jotting down the things I needed to make labels or signs for. I initially was going to make labels for my plastic drawers. Then I realized that I don't have cutesy fonts and clipart, I don't like laminating, and that I didn't want to scour TPT looking for editable labels either paid or free. 
(I had a minor panic attack during tax season this year…time to scale back on classroom purchases.)

Last year I had ended up writing on the drawers with dry erase marker. When I tried to clean it off the first time, it wasn't working. That's why I figured I'd just make labels and cover it. Then I thought, if I can use dry erase to get Sharpie off things, it should definitely get other dry erase off. Voila! It worked. (Silly and simple, yes…. overly excited preggo over here, yes)

It is a quick easy way to label drawers in a non-permament way. If I need to change what one of the drawers is for, I don't have to recreate a label. All I do is wipe it off and write what I need it to say.

The white drawers were the first attempt to erase the marker.
The black drawers show how cleanly the dry erase came off of the top drawer and how well the dry erase label actually help up throughout the year.

I moved my blank papers from the black drawers to the white drawers for this year. 
If it fades over the year, no big deal. 
I can simply rewrite it in a fun new color, of course.
Nothing fancy, but efficient and useful. 

I will be labeling some drawers and crates, but I'll share those when I stop being mad at my Mac and my incompetency with it. :) 

So I know I made a quip but classroom purchases, but I needed new chair covers for my room. My old ones were just a tad to small since moving from 4th grade chairs to 5th grade chairs and that was an annoyance all year. Lucky for me, JoAnn Fabrics had a great sale on bottomweight material when combined with their 25% total purchase! (valid through tomorrow 7/18) 
This material will wash better than the canvas I previously used and my kids don't have have textbooks so the covers shouldn't get too abused.

My mom and I are going to whip them out while she's up here and I'm on maternity leave. That means they won't be ready for the 1st day of school, but it'll be ok.

Target dollar spot! We made a "learning corner" in our hallway. 
Kasila really likes to find things that match, so I put up her name and her soon-to-be lil sis's name. 
She found the "x" all by herself. :)

I got my hair done! 
It's not really much different from what I normally do, but it's nice to know that my roots aren't down to my ears. I also had 3 inches taken off to make up for my lack of upkeep and overabundance of split ends.

Now I just need a nice pedi for my swollen feet.

My daughter and I went on a hike (more of a walk) with some of my coworkers. It was an overcast day but it was very pretty!
I may have pushed it a little too far being 37 weeks along as I felt like I was going to die the rest of the day and didn't move far from the couch. 

Yes, my daughter hikes in tutus. 


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  1. Your hair looks FAB! I can't wait to see your chair covers. Tutus are a must when hiking. I even own a tutu, but I don't hike. Lol! I am stressing because I can't get into my room until after July 30th...we go back August 5th. yikes!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'