Wednesday, July 15, 2015

*** Destination Vacation ***

I grew up traveling every summer with my grandparents. I love visiting places! Some of the places we went included Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Denver, Nauvoo, Illinois, Branson, Missouri, and Kansas City, Missouri (every other year).

We would visit KC to see my aunt and uncle. Mostly we would just hang out but we would make sure to catch a Royals baseball game and visit Worlds of Fun. :)

We ALWAYS spent a week at the Oregon Coast. I don't have pictures from there because it's been way too long since I've been. We would take a camper and head to Cape Lookout State Park.

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It is a great place. I spent a lot of time playing around the campsites and out on the beach. Now the Oregon Coast is not a warm beach. It is cold, I usually had to get numb to play in the water, and it has a habit of being windy, but it is gorgeous! We would walk the beach, make sand castles, fly kites and take little day trips.  We would visit Depoe Bay and Lincoln City.

I have to mention were I live…South Central Alaska! I say it collectively because if you want to see the best places, you do have to travel a little. Be prepared to pull some long days but it is an amazing place! When we have visitors our must see places include:

Palmer Reindeer Farm:

Some kind of ocean excursion out of Seward or Homer…charter fishing trip, wildlife tour, or just out on a boat of someone we know, if they don't keep moving :)

Hikes…they are all over the place! 

Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

Fishing on one of the many rivers… This is the Kenai.

This is the Russian River and yes, that is a mama brown bear with two cubs.

 Visit a glacier…pick one. This is the Matanuska Glacier

The Native Alaskan Heritage Center in Anchorage

Visit Talkeetna to try to catch a glimpse of our country's highest mountain, Mckinley AKA Denali.
Or even just a nice river float trip.

Our favorite place to eat is Moose's Tooth a pizza place in Anchorage. We don't drink but a lot of people like the place because they brew their own stuff. I just like the pizza. :) For a spendy place to eat, I also like Glacier Brewhouse in downtown/tourist area Anchorage. 

You should totally come visit! 
There are many places that I have not even touch on. 
North to Alaska! The Last Frontier!


  1. One summer my parents and I started at the bottom of California and made our way all the way up to Seattle. Oregon was absolutely beautiful. I would like to do the trip all over again some time. I also hope to make it to Alaska one day in the very near future. All of your pictures make me not want to get on an airplane back to Florida tomorrow though! Thanks for linking up, sweet friend!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. How awesome are these pictures. I have never been to Seattle, Oregon or Alaska. I would LOVE to hit the west coast one summer. Thanks for linking up. I really enjoyed your pictures.

  3. I would love to visit the northwest some time! The only places I've visited out west are San Francisco and Colorado. I'd love to check out Oregon.

    Thanks for the great pictures and tips for visiting Alaska! The Moose's Tooth sounds awesome...I love unique beer (and pizza!).

    Shafer's Shenanigans

  4. I love the northern west coast! I've been to Alaska once, and enjoyed the beauty there. I just couldn't sleep much due to the daylight hours in June!! Beautiful pictures!