Monday, May 19, 2014

A Book A Day: {Day 19}

I haven't been very good at keep up with this but I still think it's fun to try! This last week was pretty busy and I'm still playing catch up. 

Picking up today…Day 19

This book and activity was shared during one of my reading methods classes. It was used to show how using synonyms and descriptive words help make stories more interesting.

The first time you read the book, you say "napping" for every character. It makes it a pretty nap worthy story and not very fun. The next part you can do as a class, small groups, or individuals. Come up with some other words that could be used instead of "napping." I had forgotten about this activity until recently (thanks to this link up) so I can't say what I've done. I do think that this could be a great activity for me to use with my intervention reading class next year. We could even create a class book using the sentences from it as frames. As a conclusion, read the book as it is really written. It would be fun to see how many of the same words your students came up with!


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