Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A Book A Day {Day 7}

On to Day 7! 

Earlier I posted about how one can become feeling secluded while living in Alaska. One great thing, literature-wise, is that authors who live here, write about here! There are actually quite a few Alaska based picture books that you can pick up almost anywhere. There are also a lot of "Alaskan style" fairy tales. It is awesome to have so many choices to read about your home state!

One book we use as a grade level is Alaska's Three Bears by Shelley Gill. Alaska is the only place, besides maybe some parts of Canada, that all three kinds of bear live. This is a fun story about how the bears got to where they live. There are also facts about each kind of bear as a secondary way to read the book.

We create a small desktop calendar as a Christmas present. Each month is dedicated to something about Alaska. February is bears. We read the book and talk about how each bear is different in its looks and habitats. We teachers make color copies of some of our favorites to have as examples for the future years.

It ends up being a great way to incorporate state history, art and a project that the kids get to give to their parent/guardian!

Do you have access to great books about your state?

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