Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Book A Day {Day 6}

It's Day 6! 

One of the comprehension strategies that is taught in my 4th grade reading program is Cause & Effect. Not just that one thing causes another, but that that effect can become a cause of another effect. Essentially, forming a cause and effect chain. When we get to that concept, I like to pull out books by Laura Numeroff. Her books are great for cause and effect. Visit her website for some other ideas on how to use her books.

The school version is fun to use at school, but I prefer to use one of the pig versions. Pigs are my favorite animal! My students enjoy the moose version because here in Alaska, we run into a lot of moose!

This is a great *FREEBIE* from Fun in Room 4B to use in conjunction with the "If You Give A…" series!

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