Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Book A Day {Day 3}

Day 3

Sticking with the math literature theme, I decided to show 2 books by the same author. These are fun reads that help introduce arrays and the idea of remainders. 

One Hundred Hungry Ant and A Remainder of One 
by Elinor J. Pinczes 

With both books, I have manipulatives under the document camera for students to move around according to the story. (I don't have little ants, but that would be cute if you did!) I do it this way for a couple of reasons. I really don't have the extra time to count out a hundred little pieces for each students to do their own. If I had a parent volunteer, that may be something I could had asked them to do. Also with my intervention math class, behavior management was a big deal this year. I did not give things to the kids that they could possibly play with unless there was no downtime between instructions.

With the book, A Remainder of One, I keep the divisibility rules. I haven't actually used them for an activity yet as we didn't get much past a basic introduction of long division. The rules are a great resource for division and now that I am moving up to 5th grade, I may  actually spend more time on long division! 

Do you integrate math with other subjects? 


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