Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Book A Day Link Up {Day 1}

I thought I'd try out my first link up. We'll see how it goes.. :)

This is not necessarily one book, but I love using fairy tales in my classroom. I used two different versions of The Three Little Pigs and we did a compare and contrast activity with them. I have a classic version that is part of the "Great Fairy Tale Classics" series by Peter Holeinone from when I was  a kid in the 90's. I also borrowed another basic version from my team teacher.

It was quite funny to see the reaction of students when they heard the different versions. In one version, the wolf actually ate the first two pigs. Neither one was a fractured fairy tale, but the kids starting thinking about other versions that they had read or heard of the Three Little Pigs

As the activity, our end product was a 3 paragraph essay. This was one of the first essays we did in the year, so we did a lot of it together. We created a 3 column chart, instead of a Venn Diagram, to write down our similarities and differences. Then we created a paragraph about how the two versions where similar based on our middle column. After that, each version got its own paragraph to talk about the differences between the two. 

What fairy tales have you used?

Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully I can get better at this and become a more reflective teacher!


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  1. The Three Little Pigs are awesome books to use in the classroom! There are so many versions and so many things to do with them! Thanks for linking up!
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