Monday, May 19, 2014

Simplify Tips: Scissors & Extra 'Stuff'

I thought that I'd share just a couple of things that I used in my classroom this last year that really saved me a headache! 

Simplify Tip #1: 

Now I can't take the credit for this tip. One of my team teachers did this and I thought it was brilliant so I did it too. The last few years, we have done community supplies in our 4th grade. Partly because our students are moving from room to room all day and we didn't want them hauling things all over the place. They don't really have a place to store the extra stuff. This is how I ended up storing the scissors for use in my room.
It's just an empty basket turned upside down! It worked great for passing out, picking up, and just storing. 

Simplify Tip #2:

I do not like student materials on the floor. With our kids switching rooms, they don't always have a place to put the stuff they aren't using. We also got iPads and I definitely didn't want that on the floor, but I did want them to be able to set them out of their sights. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I was able have these awesome chair covers in my room!

They are perfect for a binder, textbook, and iPad. You can purchase some covers like this at various teacher stores. These are made from outdoor canvas based of the look of a seat sack found at

What have you done to simplify your classroom?


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